Goodbyes are always hard, especially when they’re to something you love. Bydee began at Dee’s Mother Sia’s kitchen bench, a seed of something Dee knew could be special, and a major part of this was thanks to handmade lace. Even from these early moments, Bydee was inspired by female bodies, creating unique pieces that instilled confidence in those wearing them.

Our in-house production team, Sia and Keya, have been a special part of Bydee. Their dedication to our lace pieces has been a major part of why you’ve loved and supported our designs all these years.

But all good things must come to an end, and we’ve reached that moment for handmade lace. To honour our roots, what better way is there than to celebrate how it started?

April 2014:

May 2014:


May 2019:

Dee’s goal at Bydee’s inception, and still to this day, has always been to create a brand dedicated to women and continues to be something she is immensely proud of. At this point, Dee’s focus was to move Bydee into more than a market stall. She says,
“I knew the potential of an online brand and presence…it would mean I could reach so many more women.”
From listening to the on-the-ground feedback from market customers and translating that into improved designs.

By this time, Dee knew it was time to elevate the brand, and her focus shifted to how the online community presented and perceived the brand. Having been familiar with Carlene Raschke's content for a while, it was clear that her aesthetic aligned with the brand, so Bydee did their first-ever professional handmade lace shoot with her.

May 2020:

August 2020: